Survey of Mathematics I with Algebra
MTH 21.5 D01 (53839)

Mondays and Wednesdays,12:00 pm - 1:35 pm, room Polowczyk 309
Tuesdays, 12:00 pm - 1:35 pm, online

10/13 W Midterm Exam  
10/12 T online
Preparing to Midterm Exam
To prepare for the Midterm Exam:
October 11 - Columbus Day, College is closed
10/06 W
Topics to cover:
Textbook 2: Sections 8.1 Quadratic equations and number systems, 8.2 Radical expressions

HW 14
(due date: Friday, October 15th):

  • to be posted
10/05 T online Topics to cover:
Textbook 1:
  • Section 7.4 Prime numbers and perfect numbers,
  • Section 7.5 Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio

HW 13
(due date: Wednesday, October 13th):

  • to be posted
10/04 M
Topics to cover:
Textbook 2:
  • Section 6.1 Introduction to polynomials,
  • Section 6.2 Adding and subtracting polynomials,
  • Section 6.3 Properties of exponents

HW 12
(due date: Monday, October 11th):

  • to be posted
09/29 W Topics to cover:
Textbook 1:Section 4.2
Measures of central tendency
Supplement: percentiles

Lecture slides: Section 4.2
HW 11
(due date: Friday, October 8st):

  • to be posted
09/28 T online
Topics to cover:
Textbook 1: Section 4.1 Population, sample and data

Lecture slides: Section 4.1

Self-development: you can read and learn about the relative frequency density histogram here: Section 4.1: relative frequency density histogram

Video recording of the meeting
HW 10
(due date: Wednesday, October 6st):

09/27 M
Topics to cover:
Textbook 1: Section 2.5 Infinite sets

Lecture slides: Section 2.5

Few announcemenets:
1) Our Midterm Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13th.
The exam will be based on the topics covered in Chapters 2, 4 and 7.
You are allowed to use one cheat sheet (both sides, letter size, normal font size) and calculator.
2) The Midterm Grade will be composed of average homeworks grade (HWs 1-14, 3 lowest scores dropped) and Midterm Exam Grade (50% - 50%)
HW 9
(due date: Monday, October 4th):

09/22 W Topics to cover: Textbook 2:
  • Sections 3.4 Translating algebraic expressions (will continue to work on them)
  • Sections 4.1 Algebraic statements and solutions,
  • Sections 4.2 Solving linear equations in one variable
HW 8
(due date: Friday, October 1st):

09/21 T online
Topics to cover:Textbook 1:
  • Section 2.4 Permutations and combinations,
  • Section 2.5 Infinite sets (will did not do this section, we will do it on Monday)

Lecture slides: Section 2.4

Video recording: Section 2.4
HW 7
(due date: Wednesday, September 29st):

09/20 M
Topics to cover: Textbook 2:
  • Section 2.5 Exponents
  • Section 3.2 Algebraic expressions,
  • Section 3.3 Evaluating algebraic expressions,
  • Sections 3.4 Translating algebraic expressions (we started to work on them, will continue on Wednesday)

HW 6
(due date: Monday, September 27th):

September 15 - 16 No classes scheduled at BCC (Yom Kippur)
09/14 T
Topics to cover:
Textbook 1: Sections 2.3 Introduction to Combinatorics

Lecture slides: Section 2.3

Video recording of our meeting

The Math Tutorial Lab will provide tutoring support during Fall 2021 as follows:
September 1, 2021 - December 21, 2021

Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm
Friday: 12 pm - 6 pm
Appointments are not required;
For virtual support, students may visit our BCC Tutoring Tab (located at the upper-right) via Blackboard to access support service

In-Person (Starting September 7, 2021)
Monday - Saturday: 12 pm - 6 pm
Meister 227
By appointment only, via the following link:

Closed on holidays

Student may utilize for their tutoring support needs outside of this timeframe.  
HW 5
(due date: Wednesday, September 22nd):

09/13 M
Topics to cover:
Textbook 3: decimals, rounding off and percent,
Textbook 2: Sections 2.1 – 2.6 Signed numbers, square roots,
3.1 Order of operations

We didn't cover exponents. We will proceed with the at our next "remedial math" meeting. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, September 14th we will continue with the topics from Textbook 1
HW 2 and 4
(due date: Monday, September 20th):

September 3-8 No classes scheduled at BCC
September 6th - college is closed
09/01 W We finished slides from 08/31 meeting: Sections 2.1 and do Section 2.2 Applications of Venn diagrams from Textbook 1 and you are ready to work on any problem from HW 3.

We didn't review fractions. I am assuming that you watched or will watch the videos during the long weekend. Work on HW 1 - it must be completed by Sunday, September 10th (I changed the due date).

We did not discuss decimal numbers, rounding off and percent. We will begin with this discussion our meeting on September 13th.

Lecture slides: Section 2.1, Section 2.2 from Textbook 1
HW 3
(due date: Monday, September 13th):

08/31 T online
Topic we covered:
Textbook 1: Sections 2.1 Sets and set operations (up to slide 70)

Lecture slides: Section 2.1

Videos of the lecture:
1) There was a glitch in the begining, the slides were not showed. Watch this recording up to time 9:43.
2) Then follow up with this recording, start watching from time of 12:16 (the link incorporates this start time)
HW 3
(due date: Monday, September 13th):

08/30 M Please note that we will not have face-to-face meeting today since I've got cold and cannot talk without extensive coughing.
I will ask you to do self-study today: watch all the videos that I posted below. They are short and show examples on how to add/subtract/multiply/divide/... fractions and mixed numbers

Videos to watch: Note that you can watch these videos at a speed of 1.25, 1.5, and so forth. And feel free to skip them if you know how to do that operation.
Almost each video link has a menu on the left with other videos and guided practices. If you want to practice - work on those guided practice exercises.

Please don't forget to bring the remedial math knowledge assessment to me on Wednesday!

Today we will:
* review fractions and decimals, (maybe rounding, and percentages) ,
      Chapters 1-4 from Textbook 3

HW 1
(due date: Sunday, September 12th) - due date is changed:

  • get all the textbooks. Note that Textbook 1, Chapters 2-5 are available at BCC's e-reserves. Visit BCC e-Reserves! - check both MTH 21 and MTH 21.5 cources

  • HW 1 at WeBWork
08/25 W Welcome to the course! Our course is a co-requisite course that merges remedial math topics and topics discussed in "Mathematics, A Practical Odyssey" book. The topics from remedial math will be marked separately, here are the refereneces I will be using:
Textbook 1:"Mathematics, A Practical Odyssey" by D. Johnson and T. Mowry, 8th edition CENGAGE Learning, 2014
Textbook 2: "MTH 5 Lecture Notes" by A. McInerney, available for free
Textbook 3: "ARITHMETIC: A Textbook for Math 01" by A. Weaver, available for free

We had only 4 students in class today, so I talked about the class structure and distributed the remedial math knowledge assessment to be brought back to me on Monday, August 30th. Those of you who were not able to attend the class, please download this file: RemedialMathEvaluation_1.pdf

Things to-do by our next meeting on Monday, August 30th:
1. Allocate yourselves 1 hour and 30 minutes. Work on the remedial math knowledge assessment without any help, without use of a calculator.
    You can print the document, put your name on top of the first page and put your answers (you can also show your work) right on it.
    Or you can use plain sheet of paper to put your name and answers there.
    If you don't know how to do a problem, write "no clue" next to it.
    If you run out of time, put "ran out of time" at the end.
    This is not for grade, I just need it to see where you stand, so don't use any help there. Just do your best.
If you bring it to me and submit it to me on Monday, August 30th, I will give you 2 points towards your final grade at the end of the semester.
2. Our homeworks will be online at WeBWorK. Here is the address:
    Visit the WeBWorK: login and check that you can see the first assignment!
    For your login and password: use your first name and last name, all lower case letters, no spaces, no commas.
    Initially your login name and your password are the same!
    Example: for the name Anna Maria Smith, the login would be: annamariasmith, and the password will be the same: annamariasmith
    Important: after loggin-in, please change your password and enter your email in User Settings.
3. order/get the Textbook 1
4. check access to the first two available chapters at BCC e-Reserves! Check both MTH 21 and MTH 21.5 - you will find chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 there!