Data Structures

Monday, Wednesday, 2:00pm-3:50pm, room CPH 320

Date Class Materials HW assignment
05/16 Section 14.4

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture26.pdf

A short (~2mins) but very nice video of depth first search algorithm application:
05/11 Sections 14.1 - 14.3

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture25.pdf

Breadth First Search Demonstration (you tube, ~9 mins):

Dijkstra algorithm Demonstration (you tude, ~9 mins):

In-class Work: CSI33_Lecture25InClassWork.pdf
Solutions: CSI33_Lecture25InClassWorkSols.pdf
05/09 Sections 13.3-13.5

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture24.pdf

programs (from the book and not):,,,,,,, test_HashTable2.p
Suggested exercises (for practice, not for grade):

1) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 481 / 10
2) Short-Answer Questions: p. 481 / 2
3) In-class work
05/04 Sections 12.1-13.2

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture23.pdf

programs (from the book and not): maximum.cpp, vec1.cpp, vec2.cpp, vec3.cpp, Stack.h, Stack.template, test_Stack.cpp

In-class Work:
1) Implement a template minimum function and test it on int and double type values.
Solution: minimumInClassWork.cpp

2) Implement a Queue using templates along with the code to test it. This is a suggested HW assignment.
: Queue.h, Queue.template, test_Queue.cpp

3) Implement BST using templates along with the code to test it.
Suggested exercises (for practice, not for grade):

1) True-False questions: p. 440 / 1, 2, 5

2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 440-441 / 1, 2, 4

3) Programming exercise: p. 442 / 2
Solution: Queue.h, Queue.template, test_Queue.cpp
05/02 Sections 11.1 - 11.4

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture22.pdf

programs (from the book and not): ListNode.h, LList.h, LList.cpp, testLList.cpp

In-class Work: see lecture slides.

Dear All, please note that there are only three weeks left till the last day of classes (Wednesday, May 18th)

On Wednesday, May 18th you are to present your final project.

Suggested exercises (for practice, not for grade):

1) True-False questions: p. 422 / 1, 2, 5

2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 423 / 1, 2, 4

3) Short-Answer questions: p. 424 / 1, 2
Solutions: Chapter11questionsAnswers.pdf

4) Programming exercise: p. 424 / 2
    here is the code to check that your program works correctly: Chapter11-testLList2.cpp
Solution: Chapter11-prog2-ListNode.h, Chapter11-prog2-LList.h, Chapter11-prog2-LList.cpp
04/22 - 04/29

Happy Spring Break!
04/20 Sections 10.4 - 10.5

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture21.pdf

programs (from the book): List.h, List.cpp, testList.cpp

In-class work: see lecture slides
HW20 (due date: Monday, 05/09) - last HW assignment, due date updated!

1) Programming exercise: p. 400 / 4
04/18 Sections 10.1 - 10.3

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture20.pdf

In-class work: see lecture slides

1) we do have a memory leak, see the picture
2) program: CSI33Lecture20InClassWork.cpp
HW19 (due date: Friday, 05/06) - due date updated!

1) Short-Answer questions: p. 399 /5, 6

Suggested exercises (for practice, not for grade):

1) True-False questions: p. 396 / 3, 4,

2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 397 / 1, 2, 3, 5
Solutions: Chapter10-questionsAnswers.pdf
04/13 Sections 9.3 - 9.5

Lecture slides:
CSI33-Lecture18.pdf (File Input and Output)

programs (from the book): getline.cpp, readfile.cpp,
mainv1.cpp, Rationalv1.cpp, Rationalv1.h,
Rationalv2.h, Rationalv2.cpp, mainv2.cpp,
Rationalv3.h, Rationalv3.cpp, mainv3.cpp,
Card.h, Card.cpp, using_Card.cpp
HW18 (due date: Friday, 04/22)

1) Programming Exercise: p. 352 / 3

2)Short Answer questions: page 351/4
04/11 Sections 8.17, 9.1-9.2

Here is a link to C-string vs C++ string:

Lecture slides:
CSI33-Lecture17.pdf (starting from sorting slide),
CSI33-Lecture18.pdf (up to C++ stings, including)

programs (from the book): switchWithAssert.cpp, switch.cpp, switch2.cpp, switch3.cpp, Rational.cpp, Rational.h, MainProg.cpp, RationalOldStyle.cpp, MainProg.cpp, stringex.cpp

Time to choose your Final Project, if you didn't do so already!
HW17 (due date: Wednesday, 04/20)
1) Read about macros on page 302 and see example (macro.cpp)

2) read sections 8.17.2 and 8.17.3

3) programming exercise: page 317/ 8-9
test code for your programs: test_searches.cpp

Suggested exercises:
(for practice, not for grade):

1) look through the True/False and Multiple choice questions

2) Use our Python code ( and write the definition of Merge Sort. Use the following files to put Selection sort (selection.cpp) and Merge sort into: sort.h, sort.cpp, and then use these ones to test them: test_sort.cpp, test_sort2.cpp.

04/06 Sections 8.11-8.17

Lecture slides:
CSI33-Lecture17.pdf (up to sorting slide, excluding)

programs (from the book): buffer.cpp, str1.cpp, conversions.cpp, conversions.h, conversions2.h, macro.cpp, reference.cpp, scope.cpp

Here is a link to C-string vs C++ string:

In-class work: see the last slide of the lecture slides

Solution: CSI33-Day16-InClassWork2.cpp

Time to choose your Final Project, if you didn't do so already!
HW16 (due date: Sunday, 04/17)
1) programming exercise: page 316/ 6
Solution: Chapter8-prog6.h, Chapter8-prog6-interestF.cpp, Chapter8-prog6.cpp
04/04 C++ is coming to our classroom!

Sections 8.1-8.10

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture15.pdf, CSI33-lecture16.pdf (up to loops, including)

programs (from the book): ctof.cpp, swap.cpp, grades.cpp, if1.cpp, if2.cpp, if3.cpp, increment.cpp, uninit.cpp, typeConvs.cpp, loopExample1.cpp

In-class work: see the lecture slides and In-Class-Practice.pdf (AVL trees again)
Solutions: In-Class-PracticeSols.pdf, FtoC.cpp, CSI33-Day15-InClassWork.cpp.

Software (updated): Dev-C++, Windows
- look under Downloads, pick The setup which includes TDM-GCC 4.8.1 (32bit and 64bit)(47MB):

- The portable version with compiler: The portable version which includes TDM-GCC 4.8.1 (32bit and 64bit) (34MB):

Code Blocks (for all platforms):
HW15 (due date: Wednesday, 04/13)
1) Read the beginning of Section 8.2 (pages 256-257),

2) programming exercises: page 316/ 1, 2, 3, 4

for programming exercise 2, here is the link to the slides that give the algorithm for it (starting from slide 53): CSI30-Ch3Section1part2.pdf
Solutions: Chapter8-prog1.cpp, Chapter8-prog2.cpp, Chapter8-prog2Improved.cpp, Chapter8-prog3.cpp, Chapter8-prog4.cpp
03/30 Section 13.3

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture14.pdf, avl_handout-CSVirginiaEDU.pdf

programs (from the book):,,

Solutions to in-class work: CSI33-lecture14InClassWork.pdf
HW14 (due date: Friday, 04/08)
1)AVL trees (Short Answer questions): page 481 / 4-11,
Solutions: Chapter13-AVL-answers.pdf

2) Look through the AVL code and lecture slides - understand how the rotations are done. Finish up the code.
: you can use the following code for testing/seeing what is happenning(just add it to your program)
03/28 Section 7.5

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture13.pdf

programs (from the book):,
other programs:

Useful links:
BST delete node:
Insertion and deletion (6 mins video):
Comment: deletion procedure here follows a different strategy: right subtree, leftmost element.

In-class work: see lecture slides
HW13 (due date: Monday, 04/04)
1) programming exercises:
p. 248 / 2, 3, 5
Test code you can use for these problems:

2) Write unit tests for class BST to test insert_rec and find method, by doing the following:
Insert the following elements, one by one into a tree: 7, 3, 8, 2, 5, 9, then by using BST's method asList compare the produced by that method list with list [2,3,5,7,8,9] - this is one unit test for insert_rec method.
To test the find method: create the same BST as above, and find 8, 2, 9, and 5; compare the result with the numbers themselves. Then try to find 11, 1, and 4 and compare the result of each search with None.

Suggested exercises (not for grade):
1) Short Answer questions: p. 248 / 2, 3, 4
Solutions: Chapter7-questionsAnswers.pdf
03/16 Midterm Exam  
03/16 Class is cancelled  
03/14 Sections 7.1-7.4

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture12.pdf

programs (from the book):

In-class work: see lecture slides
Answers: CSI33Lecture12pics.pdf
HW12 (due date: Thursday, 03/24)
1) Short-Answer questions: p. 248 / 6
Solutions: Chapter7-questionsAnswers.pdf

Suggested exercises (not for grade):
1) True-False questions: p. 245 / 1-5
2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 246 / 2, 3
Solutions: Chapter7-questionsAnswers.pdf
03/09 Sections 6.4-6.6

Lecture slides
: CSI33-Lecture11.pdf
You can watch a video on Merge Sort here:

programs (from the book):,,,

In-class assignment: see lecture slides
HW11 (due date: Saturday, 03/19)

2) programming exercise: pp. 215-216 / 5
03/07 Sections 6.1-6.3

Lecture slides: CSI33-Lecture10.pdf

programs (from the book):,,,,

In-class work: see lecture slides

Midterm Exam will be on Monday, 03/21. More information can be found in Midterm and Final Exams
HW10 (due date: Wednesday, 03/16)

1) Short-Answer questions: p. 214 / 5
Solution: Chapter6-questionsAnswers.pdf
2) programming exercise: p. 215 / 1

Suggested exercises:
(for practice, not for grade):
1) What list is returned by anagrams("word")?
2) True-False questions: p. 212 / 1, 2, 3, 6
3) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 213 / 1, 4, 5, 6
Solutions: Chapter6-questionsAnswers-part1.pdf
03/02 Sections 5.3-5.5

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture09.pdf

programs (from the book):,,,,

In-class work: write an event-driven version of the checker simulation.
HW9 (due date: Wednesday, 03/09 - changed to Sunday, 03/13)

1) programming exercise: p. 184 / 4
02/29 Sections 5.1-5.2

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture08.pdf

programs (from the book):,

In-class assignment: see lectures slides.
Solutions/answers: In-classWorkAnswers.pdf,

Check out these useful videos:
Infix to Postifx:
Infix to Prefix:
HW8 (due date: Monday, 03/07 - changed to Wednesday, 03/09)
1) Short-Answer questions: p. 183 / 1
2) programming exercise: p. 184 / 3
Solutions: Chapter5-questionsAnswers-part2.pdf,

Suggested exercises:
1) True-False questions: p. 181 / 1-4
2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 182 / 1-5
Solutions: Chapter5-questionsAnswers-part1.pdf
02/24 Sections 4.4 - 4.5, 4.7

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture07.pdf


In-class work: see the last slide in the lecture slides
HW7 (due date: Friday, 03/04)
1) programming exercises: p. 152 / 1, 3

Suggested exercises:
1) True-False questions: p. 148 / 1, 2, 4, 5
2) Multiple-Choice questions: p. 149 / 1-4
3) take a look at two versions of __copy__ method for LList class's implementation on page 132.
Solutions/answers: Chapter4-questionsAnswers.pdf
02/22 Sections 4.2-4.3

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture06.pdf


In-class work: see lecture slides (the last two slides)
HW6 (due date: Monday, 02/29 - changed to Wednesday, 03/02)
1) Short-Answer questions: p. 151 / 2
Solutions: Chapter4-questionsAnswers.pdf (see the last one)

2) Programming assignment: Let's think about doubly-linked lists. Define a class ListNode2, with three attributes: item, leftL, and rightL.
Left link points to the previous node in the list, right link points to the next node in the list.
You can also add the display method to this class (like we did it in class for the ListNode class).
Then test your class.
For example, create a linked list of 5 values: 34, 1, 23, 7, and 10. Display it. Then insert new value, say 8 between 34 and 1 (this time you will have to take care of links pointing to the previous and next node), display the resulting list. Then delete and element, update the links and display the new list.
02/17 Sections 3.5-3.6

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture05.pdf

Here is a link to time-complexity (aka "Big O" or "Big Oh") of various operations in current CPython:
HW5 (due date: Wednesday, 02/24)
Short-answer questions: p.102 / 3
Solution: Chapter3-questionsAnswers-part2.pdf,

Suggested exercises
(not for grade, but highly recommended):
1) True-False questions: p. 100 / 8, 12
2) Multiple choice questions: p. 101 / 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
3) programming exercise: p. 104 / 9
See suggested specification with some code here:, a simpler version:
Solutions: Chapter3-questionsAnswers-part1.pdf,,
02/08 Sections 3.1-3.4

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture04.pdf

On this page you can find the link to the compressed file with all the codes from the book:

more programs (from the book): (updated code),,,,

If you want to find out how to play Bridge:
another video:

In-class work: see lecture slides (last few slides)
HW4 (due date: Sunday, 02/21 - changed to Sunday, 02/28)

1) Finish implementing the program discussed in class (in-class work, second assignment).
Solution:,,, (this is the one to run)

2) Programming Exercises: p 103 / 1, 2, 3 (don't forget to test all the operations, send the tests with your HW submission) - all of these exercises should be implemented in one file
Solution:, (a better version)

Suggested exercises
(not for grade, but highly recommended):
1) True-False questions: p. 100 / 2, 3, 6
2) Short-answer questions: p.102 / 1, 2

Solutions: Chapter3-questionsAnswers-part1.pdf
02/08 Sections 2.1-2.3, and 2.6 from the book.

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture03.pdf


In-class work: start working on the HW assignment
HW3 (due date: Monday, 02/15)

Write unit tests to test the functions/methods suit, suitName and rankName for

02/03 Section 1.3 Algorithm Analysis

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture02.pdf

Additional materials: BinarySearchIllustrated.pdf

In-class work: lecture02InClassPractice.pdf
Solutions: lecture02InClassPracticeSols.pdf
HW2 (due date: Wednesday, 02/10):

1) Short-answer questions: p. 36 / 8

Solutions: Chapter1ShortAnswerQuestions.pdf

2) Write a program that has both Linear Search and Binary Search algorithms implemented defined as two seprate functions.
Run each of the algorithms on the list of integers from 0 to 999999 and time them on three different numbers to search for: 10, 499999, and 999999. At the end your program should print the results.
Here is a draft/skeleton of the program:

3) Programming Exercises: p. 37-38 / 3, 9

Programming exercise 3 asks you to implement Selection Sort algorithm.
See my comments here: here and
video (about 10 mins) presenting visualization of Selection Sort:

Reminder: don't forget to put specification for each of the functions you are defining as well as use internal comments (that start with #)
Solutions:, Chapter1-prg3-SelectionSortAnalysis.pdf,

Suggested exercises:
(not for grade, but highly recommended):
1) True/False questions: p. 33 / 4-6, 9, 10
2) Multiple Choice questions: pp.34-35 / 1-6, 10

Solutions: Chapter1solsTFMConly.pdf
02/01 Sections 1.1, 1.2

Lecture slides: CSI33-lecture01.pdf

In-class work: lecture01-handout.pdf
Solutions: lecture01-handoutSols.pdf

1) First two chapters of the book are available through e-reserves:
Choose CSI33 from the drop-down menu


The contest begins on-line at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, February 15, 2016
more info:
HW1 (due date: Wednesday, 02/03), given at lecture 1:
1) read Sections 1.1-1.2

2) read about docstring conventions at

3) get the book