CSI 32 Introduction to Computer Programming II     

D01 (31093)

Monday, Wednesday, 12:00 pm-1:50 pm, room Meister 320

  • Final Exam

    Date, Time: TBA
    Place: TBA

    To prepare for the Final Exam:
    1) Review the preparation for the Midterm Exam
    2) Review all the quizzes since Midterm Exam
    3) Go over all suggested exercises, homeworks, in-class examples and lecture slides
    4) Use this final exam study guide

  • Midterm Exam

    Date, Place and Time: Wednesday, October 12th

    Midterm Exam covers Chapters 1-9

    To prepare for the Midterm Exam:
    1) Review all quizzes
    2) Review all suggested exercises (those Self-Review exercises at the end of each chapter and the additional ones I gave you)
    3) Use this midterm study guide which has items 1) and 2) re-iterated in it. Answers to questions are at the end of the document.

    Academic Integrity
    Academic dishonesty (such as plagiarism and cheating) is prohibited at Bronx Community College and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, dismissal and expulsion. For additional information and the full policy on Academic Integrity, please consult the BCC College Catalog.