CSI 32 Introduction to Computer Programming II     

D01 (32429)

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10:00 am-11:50 am, room CP 320

Natalia Novak
natna20@gmail.com (preferred, checked frequently throughout the week days)
natalia.novak@bcc.cuny.edu (checked once a day during the week days)
  (approximate weights)
  HWs: 20%
  Quizzes: 20%
  Midterm Exam: 30%
  Final Exam: 30%
Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++,
2nd Edition
By Bjarne Stroustrup
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-99278-9

Office hours:

in-person: Tuesdays, 12:50 pm - 1:50 pm at CP 312
online: Mondays, 11 am - 12 pm via Zoom (get the link at the Blackboard)

Tutoring help at CP 305:

to be announced 
  • All homeworks have the due date and must be submitted by the midnight of the due date. Late homeworks are not accepted.
    Example: if the due date is March 23rd, then the latest time for the submission is 11:59 pm on March 23rd.
    Send all the homeworks to natna20@gmail.com

  • When submitting your homework via e-mail:
    1. put HW number in the Subject field, for example: HW 01
    2. attach all the source file(s)(with the extention '.cpp' or the extention '.h'), and, when needed, a file with the input and output of your program(s)
    3. your program must run (no syntax errors!)
    4. your code must be well-commented
    5. when I send you back a reviewed homework submission with comments and allow to re-submit your program, do so as Reply; do not compose a new e-mail message.

  • All homeworks must be done on your own. No group work, no copying.

  • Several of the worst homeworks will be dropped.

  • We will have the Midterm Exam and the Final Exam.

  • We will have quizzes at the end of each meeting

  • There will be no extra assignments in order to raise you grade, therefore, do your homeworks, submit them on time; don't miss the midterm and final exams; attend the classes and take the quizzes.

  • There are rules in CUNY about attendance. Read them and follow them, please.
We will be using C++ programming language.
In class, I will be using Visual Studio Community Edition C++ compiler (free): https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/vs/features/cplusplus/

In general, you can use any other compiler, just make sure that you are not using some special (non-stardard) packages and the code you are sending to me is compilable in Visual Studio Community Edition

Some people like Code Blocks (for all platforms): http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads/26:

Some people use Visual Studio Code (works with MacOS, Windows and Linux): https://code.visualstudio.com/?wt.mc_id=vscom_downloads


CSI 32 syllabus (pdf file)