Introduction to Computer Programming I


Tuesday, Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:50 am, room CP 320

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, Third Edition, by John M. Zelle
ISBN-13: 978-1590282755 | Edition: Third

Office hours:

Mondays, Wednesdays from 11 am to 12 pm at CPH 122
Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:30 am to 10 am either in CPH 122 or in CPH 320
  • All homeworks have the due date and must be submitted on the midnight of the due date. Late homeworks are not accepted.
    Example: if the due date is September 23rd, then the latest time for the submission is 00:00am September 24th.

  • When submitting programs you must attach: compilable source file(s) (with the extention '.py'), and, when needed, a file with the input and output of your program

  • All homeworks must be done on your own. No group work, no copying.

  • When sending in your homework, make sure that the subject field has homework number.
    Example: HW 1 or Homework 1

  • There will be no extra assignments in order to raise you grade.

  • Several of the worst homeworks will be dropped.

  • If you miss a class on any reason it is your responsibility to study the material presented and get ready to the next class, get the homework assignment, do the homework and submit it on time.

  • We won't have review classes before midterm and final exams, but you will be given a list of topics covered by the exam and a list of sample questions.

Programming Language: Python

Download the distribution of the Python from here (release 3.6.2):

This distribution includes compiler, standard libraries and a simple IDE called IDLE.

Install Python.

After installation you can run IDLE by clicking:
  Start -> All Programs -> Python 3.6 -> IDLE (Python GUI)

You can use any other GUI or IDE for Python, but your program should be able to run in IDLE.
  • Students who miss more than 3 classes, without a genuine and documented reason will be assigned an academic grade of F.

  • Students who come to the class late by 20 minutes or more for the first time should consider themselves as warned. Continuous or habitual late-coming or early departure will be considered as absence.
  (approximate weights)
  HWs (30%)
  Midterm Exam (30%)
  Final Project (20%)
  Final Exam (20%)


please note that this is the syllabus for the second edition of the book, while we are going to use the third edition
Tutoring Lab
(CP 303) hours
All Computer Science Courses:
Monday Thursday: 10 am 3 pm

Discrete Mathematics Courses:
Monday: 4 pm 8 pm
Wednesday: 3 pm 8 pm
Friday: 12 pm 5 pm
Saturday 10 am 3 pm
Sunday: 10 am 3 pm

CSI 30 (only): Monday: 12 pm 6 pm
Tuesday: 4 pm - 6 pm
Thursday: 4 pm 6 pm

CSI 31(only):
Monday: 1 pm 6 pm
Wednesday: 4 pm 6 pm
Friday: 11 am 2 pm

Norbu Tsering:
Monday - Thursday: 10 am - 12pm,
Saturday - Sunday: 10 am - 3pm