Introduction to Computer Programming I


Monday,Wednesday, 12:00pm-1:50pm, room ME 224

  • Here is the list with Final Projects: final-projects_Fall2017shortList.pdf

    Note that no more than two students can work on the same project in parallel; If students are working on the same project, they cannot consult with each other.

    Group projects are for teams up to three people.
    The roles of each team member must be clearly stated at the and should include writing the code (for example, a team member cannot do documetation only, he/she must participare in code writing as well).

  • Final Project requirements and grading rubric

    • program should be well-commented: use inner comments and docstrings 10 points ),

    • program must have main function, and other functions/methods for intermediate steps must be defined and used ( 10 points ),

    • program must be well-tested, work well and do what it is supposed to do ( 50 points ),

    • program should be reasonably fool-proof ( 10 points ),

    • the program must have clear input/output and intuitive interface ( 10 points ),

    • the program must be presented in class (usually the last meeting in the semester) ( 10 points ).
      At this point it should be working well, except for minor glitches.

    • program should be writtem in a good programming style.

    Due date of the Final Project: Tuesday, December 19th
    Each day after the due date will reduce the highest possible grade by one grade down, for example:
    If the project submitted on Wednesday, December 20th the highest grade you can get is B+,
    if on Thursday : C+, if on Friday: D+, after Friday the grade is F.