MTH05: Elementary Algebra

D01 (52131)
Mondays, Wednesdays: 12:00 pm - 2:45 pm online, via Zoom meetings

Textbooks: textbook: MTH5 Elementary Algebra (zyBooks)
you can get the book
  1. through the BCC online bookstore, or
  2. at zyBooks directly:
    1. Sign in or create an account at
    2. Enter zyBook code: CUNYMTH5NovakSpring2021
    3. Subscribe

supplementary resources (not required):
(1) Basic Concepts of Mathematics by Professor Uma Iyer: textbook
(2) Set of lecture notes by Professor Andrew McInerney: McInerney05text0216a.pdf

Syllabus: MTH05Syllabus_zyBooks.pdf
my office hours:
Place: online, via Zoom meeting
Time and days: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
The time and day will likely change after I do a poll of times convenient to you.
Tutoring Lab Online
all up to date information on when the lab is open can be found by visiting this link
And here you can find instructions on how to access it.
Attendance policy:
  • Students who miss 6 or more classes, without a genuine and documented reason will be assigned an academic grade of F.

  • Students who come to the class late by 30 minutes or more for our training session for the first time should consider themselves as warned. Continuous or habitual late-coming or early departure will be considered as absence.

  • If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to get the material we covered in class and the HW assignment. All homeworks have a due date and must me submitted on time.
(approximate weights)
Participation activities at zyBooks 15%
HWs 15%
quizzes at Kahoot! 15%
Tests 25%
Final Exam 30%

Please, note that in order to pass MTH05 class you need to get at least C- grade (70%) as MTH05 course grade
participation and challenge activities at zyBooks
for each class meeting you will be assigned a topic to study at our zyBook. Each zyBook's section has a number of participation activities and challenge activities. You are to complete them before our training session.
quizzes at Kahoot! app
  • In each class meeting we will have a Kahoot! quiz

  • Make sure you install this app on your smartphone

  • The quizzes are given only once, and during the class meeting

  • No make-ups will be offered, however few of the quiz grades will be dropped at the end of semester

Kahoot! app is a free smartphone app that you can find at Google Play or at Apple Play stores.
Homeworks: We have online homeworks system called WeBWorK.
WeBWorK allows to use any device that has internet connection to work on the homework assignments.
All homework assignments must be submitted online, by the due date and time. Late submissions are not accepted.

link to the WeBWorK:

Instructions on how to access WeBWorK:

User name: firstlast

    example: Jane Smith-Johnson would be janesmith-johnson

Note: no spaces, no capitalization, hyphens stay in, apostrophes are taken out (e.g Audrey O'brien would be audreyobrien)

Password: same as the user name

After login-in:
1) Please change your password using the 'password/email' link in the menu on the left,
2) add your preferred email address for communication with me (same location as for item 1).

If you have trouble signing in, make sure that your last name is in all lower case letters, and that the last four digits of your social security number are correct, and you are using this same correct format for your password. If you have verified that this is correct and you still cannot sign in, email me at for assistance.
  • we will have four Tests,

  • simple calculators are allowed, smartphones are not

  • before each test, we will have a review of the material that will be on it or we will work on a sample test

  • a week before each review I'll distribute the review problems

  • at the end of the semester one lowest test grade will be dropped
Final Exam:
  • Final Exam is a computerized multiple choice exam,

  • There are 25 questions and it is timed at 100 minutes

  • We will try to allocate at least one class meeting for preparation to the Final Exam

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