MTH05: Elementary Algebra

B 26 (43584)
Mondays, Wednesdays: 10:00 am - 11:50 am at NI 211A, and
Fridays: 10:00 am - 11:50 am at CPH 320 (computer lab)


Date Materials HW assignment
Week 1
01/29 Welcome to the 1st day of class!!!

topic: 1.1 Review of Fractions

Online resources:
1) Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, adding and subtracting mixed numbers: start with this video and go over other videos and guided practice (marked with the star) - you will see the menu on the left.
2) Multiplying fractions (video example)
3) Multiplying fractions (guided practice)
4) Multiplying fractions and whole numbers (video example)
5) Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers (video example)
6) Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers (guided practice)
7) Dividing fractions by fractions 1 (video example)
8) Dividing fractions by fractions 2 (video example)
9) Dividing fractions by fractions (guided exercise)
10) Simplifying fractions (guided practice)
11) LCD (bunch of videos, starting with this one)
12) Comparing fractions (start with this one and proceed further)
13) Adding and subtracting mixed number with unlike denominators: start with this video, then proceed further
14) Multiplying mixed numbers (video example)
15) Multiplying mixed numbers (guided practice)
HW 01-Review of Fractions
(due date: Monday, 02/05)
at WeBWork
topics:1.1 Review of Fractions (finishing up)
introduction to WeBWorks and working on HW 01  
Week 2
02/05 topic: 1.2 Addition and Subtraction of Real Numbers (covering subtraction)
1.3 Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers

Online resources:
1) Intro to negative numbers (video, 9:35 mins)
2) Intro to negative numbers (guided practice)
3) Adding/subtracting negative numbers (video, 9:15 mins)
4) Adding negative numbers example (video example)
5) Adding numbers with different signs (video example)
6) Adding negative numbers (guided practice)
7) Subtracting a negative = adding a positive (video, 1:32 mins)
8) Subtracting negative numbers (guided practice)
HW 02-Real Numbers-Introduction,
HW 03-Real Numbers-Adding and Subtracting
(due date: Monday, 02/12)
at WeBWorks

HW 04-Real Numbers-Multiplying and Dividing
(due date: Monday, 02/14)
at WeBWorks
02/07 topics:
1.4.1-1.4.2 (ignore radicals for now) Exponents and Radicals, and
2.1 Order of operations

Online resources:
1) Multiplying positive & negative numbers (video, 5:43 mins)
2) Multiplying numbers with different signs (video example)
3) Dividing positive and negative numbers (video, 4:51)
4) Multiplying and dividing negative numbers (rules, video, 8:29 mins)
5) Multiplying & dividing negative numbers (guided practice)
6) Intro to order of operations (video, 9:39 mins)
7) Order of operations (video example)
8) Order of operations 2 (video example)
9) Order of operations (guided practice)
HW 05-Exponents and Order of Operations
(due date: Wednesday, 02/14)
at WeBWorks
working on homeworks

Sample Test 1 is available at WeBWorks
Week 3

College is closed on Monday, February 12th
topics: Sections 3.2.1 Transition to Algebra,
2.2 Evaluating algebraic expressions

Online resources:
1) Writing basic expressions with variables (video example)
2) Writing basic expressions with variables (summary, not a video)
3) Writing basic expressions with variables (guided practice)
4) Writing expressions with variables (another bunch of video examples)
5) Writing expressions with variables (guided practice)
6) Writing expressions with variables & parentheses (video example)
HW 06-Transition to Algebra,
HW 07-Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
(due date: Tuesday, 02/20)
at WeBWorks
working on homeworks  
Week 4

College is closed on Monday, February 19th,
Tuesday, February 20th runs on Monday schedule.
topic: 3.1 Solving Linear Equations

Online resource:
There is a bunch of videos and practices for this here: Algebra I: one variable linear equations.
HW09-Solving Linear Equations
(due date: Friday, 02/23)
at WeBWorks
topics: 3.3 Literal Equations,
3.4 Linear Inequalities in One Variable

Online resources:
1) one video example, then you can see Practice option in the left menu.
2) manipulating formulas (and more in the left menu)
3) One-variable linear inequalities (a bunch of video examples and practice)

All the material we covered so far will be on Test 1, which will be on Wednesday, 09/27
Pactice/review/sample test will be on Tuesday, 09/26

More information about Test 1 can be found in Tests and Final Exam
HW 10-Formulas,
HW 13-Solving Linear Inequalities

(due date: Friday, 03/02)
at WeBWorks
working on Sample Test 1 and homeworks  
Week 5
Test 1
topics: Section 4.1 Linear equations in two variables
Section 4.2 The cartesian coordinate system

Online resources:
1) Two-variable linear equations intro (see also a bunch of other video examples and practice in the left menu)
2) Cartesian coordinate system
HW 14-Two Variable Equations
HW 15-The Cartisian Coordinate System,
(due date: Wednesday, March 7th)
working on homeworks  
Week 6
03/05 topics: Section 4.3 Graphing linear equations,
Section 4.4 The slope of a line (just starting)
working on homeworks

lecture slides: 4_3GraphingLinearEquations.pdf

Online resources:
1) graphing video example 1 (pick a value for one variable, find another one)
2) graphing video example 2 (intercepts method)
3) graphing video example 3 (slope-intercept method)
HW 16-Lines-Graphing
(due date: Friday, March 9th)
Section 4.4 The slope of a line (finishing up),
Section 4.5 Equations of lines (starting)
HW 17-Lines - Slope
(due date: Wednesday, March 14th)
working on homeworks  
Week 7
03/12 topics:
Section 4.5 Equations of lines (finishing up), practice

Lecture slides: MTH05_4_4Slope-4_5ThePointSlopeForm.pdf

working on homeworks
HW 18-Lines-Equations,
(due date: Friday, March 16th)
topics: Section 4.7 Systems of linear equations (solving by graphing, by elimination and substitution methods)

Here are some nice videos and interactive practice that cover today's material:
Solving systems of linear equations by graphing:
lecture (9 mins):

Here are some nice videos and interactive practice that cover today's material:
Solving systems of linear equations by elimination and substitution methods:
lectures: (10 mins) , mins) (12 mins)
HW 20-Graphing Systems of Linear Equations
HW 21-Solving Systems of Linear Equations
(due date: Wednesday, March 21st)
working on homeworks  
Week 8
Section 4.6 Graphing linear inequalities in two variables

Here are some videos for refreshing your memory/review:
Introduction to graphing linear inequalities in two variables (<=):
Example 2 (<):
Example 3 (<):

The Midterm Grade will be comprised of:
Homeworks (1-18): 50%
Tests 1 score: 50%

HW 19-Linear Inequalities in Two Variables
(due date: Friday, March 23rd)
03/21 preparing for Test 2
working on homeworks and Sample Test 2

Week 9
Test 2

03/28 topic: Section 5.1 Integer Exponents

Online resources:
1) 5^3 (video),
2) 6*6*6*6*6*6*6*6 = 6^8 (video),
3) practice: intro to exponents,
4) (-2)^3 and raising numbers to powers 1 and 0
HW 22-Positive Integer Exponents,
HW 23-Negative Integer Exponents

(due date: Friday, 04/13)
no class meeting
Spring Break
Week 10
Spring break
04/09 topics: Section 5.2 An introduction to polynomials
Section 5.3 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials,
Section 5.4 Multiplying Polynomials
HW 25-Polynomial-Introduction,
HW 26-Polynomials-Adding Subtracting Multiplying Dividing

(due date: Friday, 04/13)
Wednesday runs on Friday schedule. We are meeting in CP 320
topics: Section 5.5 Division of polynomials by monomials
Factoring polynomials:
Section 5.6.1 The Greatest Common Factor
Section 5.6.2 The Grouping Method
Section 5.6.3 Special Products
HW 27-Factoring-Introduction
HW 28-Factoring-Special Products
(due date: Friday, 04/20)
working on HW assignments

Week 11
topics: Factoring polynomials
Section 5.6.4 - 5.6.5 Factoring Trinomials
Section 5.6.6 Summary
HW 29-Factoring-Trinomials
(due date: Friday, 04/20)
04/18 topics:
Section 5.7 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
Section 5.8 Solving Word Problems Using Quadratic Equations
HW 30-Factoring-Solving Quadratic Equations
(due date: Friday, 04/27)
04/19 lab working on homeworks  
Week 12
topics: Section 6.1 Roots and Radicals

Here are the links to the Khan Academy, covering radicals:



You will see on the left a list/menu of video lectures and practices (with hints and solutions).
This covers Sections 6.1 and 6.2.
In the second link, from the list/menu on the left, ignore "Worked example: rationalizing the denominator" and "Simplifying radical expressions (addition)" videos- they are with variables.
HW 31-Radicals - Introduction,
HW 32-Radicals - Simplifying

(due date: Friday, 05/04)
04/25 topics:
Section 6.1 Roots and Radicals (Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula)
Section 6.2 Operations on Radicals
HW 33-Radicals-Operations
(due date: Friday, 05/11)
04/27 lab working on homeworks, preparing to Test 3  
Week 13
04/30 Test 3  
05/02 topics:
Section 6.3 Complex Numbers

Here are links to the videos and practices (with hints and solutions) from Khan Academy:


3) more coming
Suggested for practice:
HW 34-Complex-Numbers
05/04 lab
working on homeworks

Week 14
05/07 topic:
Section 7.1 Solving Quadratic Equations (completing the square and quadratic formula)
Suggested for practice
HW 35-Solving-Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square,
HW 36-The Quadratic Formula HW 37-Introduction to Parabolas
05/08 topic: Section 7.2 Introduction to Parabolas

slides: MTH05_7_2IntroductionToParabolas.pdf
05/11 lab
preparation for Test 4

Week 15
Test 4

05/16 Final Exam Practice  
05/17 Thursday runs on Wednesday Schedule
Final Exam Practice