Computer Science for Everyone

CSI11 D01 (61330)

Tuesday, Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:50 am, room ME 320

  • Final Exam

    Date:Thursday, December 20th
    Place: ME 320
    Time: 1o am - 12 pm

    The Final Exam is open book and open notes and is cumulative, i.e. covers everything from our syllabus.

  • more information will be posted later on

  • Midterm Exam

    Midterm Exam is based on Chapters 1-9.
    It is open book, open notes, computer limited use is allowed (only ZyBook and Python Idle are allowed).

    Phone use is not allowed. No group work. No talking to each other.

    Exam date is Thursday, October 18th
    Review: Tuesday, October 16th

    Study guide: CSI11_midterm_exam_studyGuide.pdf